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internet honeypot today.

See the attacker's physical location, internet service provider, botnet information and known malicious domains.

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Google Cloud
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Easy To Use

Deploy locally or in the cloud easily with our one-click setup.

Attack Map

The Attack Map gathers location based off the attacker's IP address.

Real-Time Detections

See real time information on the IP's attacking your network, using open source tools we can capture open services along HTTP probes.

Pottr Map

See attack locations in real-time, using Pottr.

See threats in the real world, search by country or city to see where attacks are coming from.

Why Choose Pottr?

Pottr uses free open-source tools to scan threats, customize your settings to create a scanning schedule, scan intensity and more!

Secure by design

Whether you deploy locally or in the cloud, Pottr will never compromise your network security

Quick results

With on-device scanning, we get the results faster so you can take action quicker.


50k+ threats detected using Pottr

Detected threats are stored locally, this is never sent to Pottr servers or elsewhere.

Our Pricing Rates

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