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An open-sourced
honeypot solution.

Pottr lets you deploy a secure honeypot to detect real-time attacks on your network. See the attacker's physical location, internet service provider, botnet information and known malious domains.

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Pottr Dashboard

Key Features

Pottr gives you an overview of your current security posture, with this information you can determine real targeted cyber-attacks.

Easy to use

We know security can be complicated, Pottr's goal is to bring ease when working in critical situations.

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We strive to make all of our software open source! Open source software is perfect for colaberation, feedback and security!

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We're trying to minimize external 3rd party libaries, open source the software and use good security design chocies!

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Auto-deploy Pottr on the internet using Digital Ocean, Google cloud and Amazon Web Services!

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Click on the github link below to install Pottr. Once installed you will get step-by-step instructions on what to do next!

  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Reporting
  • Threat intelligence

Deploy pottr on the internet or
on an internal network

Pottr is used to detect real threats on any network, you can choose to deploy on the world wide web or an internal network.

  • Threat location
  • Threat service detection
  • User account compromise reporting

Our software is free but we will be adding features in the future!

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